Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating Cup Gun

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New & Improved Model! Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating System. This is the perfect system for the Do It Yourselfer or a small job shop that is looking for a powder coating gun that can grow as you grow! This gun is extremely easy to use and makes for lightning fast color changes! Additional Powder Cups are available for even quicker changes & storage. 
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  • Truly portable unit - No control box or extra wires! 
  • Fully adjustable up to 50 KV directly on the back of the gun
  • ForceFeed technology for the perfect volume 
  • Light weight and perfectly balanced gun for optimum comfort
  • Long power cord & grounding clip allow for maximum mobility
What's in the box:
  1. Red Line EZ50 Spray gun
  2. (1) Powder Cup - Additional Powder Cups are available for even quicker changes & storage. 
  3. Wall Mount Adapter ( input 100-270V AC 50-60 Hz. Output 12VDC 1 amp Rating
  4. 10' ground cable with connecting clip
  5. (3) Additional powder flow deflectors (12MM, 19MM & 25MM)
  6. Start Up Guide & User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lol amazing

I have been housing HF for two years and damn this blows it away in every aspect. Seriously add to wait-list and buy this

Gary C.
EZ 50 Powder coat gun

This gun is the shit ! Sorry I didn't buy this gun years ago !!

Doug McDonald
Well worth the money

I started out with a Eastwood - harbor freight style gun. It worked but that's about it. Wanting better results I chose the EZ50. Wow it is a world of difference. Everything is better about it. The application is much more controllable and I'd guess the waste / overspray is reduced by 90% I'd guess. For a hobbyist like myself who doesn't powdercoat but a few things a month it's perfect. I built my own oven out of an old server rack and oven heating elements I got online. The temperature controller is an $3.00 Ardunio reading a thermister and drives 2 solid state relays. I wrote the firmware which is simple. Total cost $25 excluding the insulation for the server rack that was another $15. It can go to 500F and control within 3 degrees. Two 18" car wheels fit at the same time. The results a very good with the EZ50. Far and away better than the old stuff I had.

Lucas Oliver
Efficient Powder Coating Gun

First of all, The Powder Coat Store is an awesome company. We started ordering from them in the beginning of 2017 and had been using Prismatic Powders for 90% of our custom work. Being a small start-up, we were not sure who to use and what powders were the best for our applications. After a few months of using the Powder Coat Stores' powders, we moved to using 50 % Prismatic/50 % Powder Coat Store powders. After one full year of operating, we have moved to using The Powder Coat Stores powders on over 85% of our work. These guys have yet to disappoint and have always delivered quickly. Our team at SolCal highly recommend these guys. We moved to using this gun and it is incredible. I guarantee that we will be making the next step up to EZ100 and purchasing it from these guys. Awesome customer service and we look forward to working with them for a very long time!

Highly Recommend

This is a really nice gun. It's a little bit bigger than the hobby grade gun we've been using but it's well worth it. The adjustable KV setting is awesome, especially if your doing multiple coats. Simple to use and fast color change outs. The next one I want to purchase is the EZ100 for the higher KV settings. If your looking to upgrade this is the gun you need. Fast shipping too!