Midnight Blue Metallic Powder Coating Paint 1 LB


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Brand New, Virgin Midnight Blue Metallic Powder Coating Paint. This is a beautiful, dark blue with a fine and heavy blue metallic flake. This is a high gloss, single stage color! This is a close match to Volk Mag Blue.

Cure Schedule: 10 Minutes at 400 Degrees (Part Metal Temperature)
Gloss Level: 85+
Specific Gravity: 1.5
Salt Spray: 1,000 Hours
Pencil Hardness: 2H


Customer Reviews

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Robert B.
Best place to Get Top Quality Powder Coating at an Affordable Price

I ended up having to order two of the Midnight Blue Metallic Powder, I was hesitant at first because i wasnt sure i would like the color, but once i got my motorcycle tank and Front Fender as well at the Back Fenders Coated instantly loved the color, im in the proccess of Building a Trike and This will set off my Trike from others. great quality powder, and you get alot for your money. Easy to Spray on and Bakiing it was a breeze.

but there were a few spots that i did have to go over as they didnt take at first go, but after the second coating it made it even better. I recommend sparying a clear coat on to make it last longer.

Ryan U.

got this color powder for my husqvarna te300i dirt bike. and it matches the frame color perfectly.

Lowell T.
Midnight blue

This deep dark blue with metal flake is one of my favorite colors. Lays down so well and looks great!!

Joe R.
Midnight blue metallic

Excellent no complaints whatsoever

Southernmost Powder Coating
Great color. Dark blue that really pops in the sunlight.

Very dark color blue. Looks very cool when in the sun light. Almost looks black in doors and then bam! Completely different outside. Nice metal flakes that pop with the light. Will use again!