High Gloss Clear Coat Powder Coating Paint 1 LB


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Brand New, Virgin High Gloss Clear Coat Powder.  This is a 90% Gloss TGIC Low Cure Polyester that lays super smooth and gives you that wet/mirror look that really adds depth to the color. This is a great clear for dormant/illusion colors and to give you that extra protection to other standard coatings. 


TGIC Polyester
Cure Schedule: 10 Minutes at 350 Degrees (Part Metal Temperature)
Theoretical Coverage: 80.5/sq ft per pound @ 2 MIL
Pencil Hardness: 2H
Salt Spray Results: 1,000+ Hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dave B.
Turn out was fantastic !!!!

Excellent will use Powder Coat Store for all my company needs

Dave R
Not as glossy for me as hoped

Disclaimer - I'm new to powder coating and this was my first use of a clear coat. I applied over the chrome, which looked great before but this clear somewhat dulled the chrome to more of a silver. Still looks good, but I hoped it would enhance that base chrome look.

Application was great and easy to control - I avoided putting on any more than needed and coverage was good. My oven did go above the 350 F set point a little based (10-15 F) on the actual part temp I got from a temp gun, so maybe it was curing related.

The dulling then may be due to my conditions, but all parts with base coat to this point were excellent so I thought I was doing well. I'd followed the many best practice tips for prep, shooting pressure, distance and solid attachment to a ground rod via 8 ft into the ground. Application was even and not too thick per my goal.

Again, in any case the parts look very good and are well protected which was most import for my suspension parts.

Samuel D.
Great coverage

Went on well and was easy application

Paul B.
great product!!!!

We use this product on our metal art . It flows on great and 10 @ 350 comes out perfect . It looks as good as our car clear that we use for inside product . You will not be disappointed .

John Miranda
Great product!!

The High Gloss Clear is easy to apply. Very glossy!!